Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sense Memory, Paris
20” x 16”

From Mayhem to Paris
Beverly Mills

Opening reception: Thursday, December 2, 5-7pm
Exhibition dates: December 2 – 30, 2010

Canessa Gallery presents From Mayhem to Paris, mixed media works by Beverly Mills.

Mills explores two human extremes: violence and creation. She works in acrylic, adding photographs, metal and wood to explore the destruction of war, its scars and its attractions.  She contrasts this with cities like  Paris and Rome, where savagery becomes civilized.

Beverly Mills is a long time civic activist who has traveled in over twenty countries gathering images, philosophies and histories to nurture her visual vocabulary.

EXHIBITION: From Mayhem to Paris, Solo Show

LOCATION: Canessa Gallery, 708 Montgomery St, San Francisco

OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, December 2, 5-7pm

EXHIBITION DATES:  December 2-30, 2010

GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday, 10am-3pm and by appointment

For information and/or images:  Beverly Mills, or 415/235-8099

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peeling the Strata
Jamie Banes at Canessa
November 8-26, 2010

Reception Friday, November 19, 7 - 10pm  
Gallery hours MWF 11am - 3pm                               
and by appointment

My attraction to the energy of urban areas inspires a playful, excited examination of the frenzied systems around me. Highly active environments such as ports, stations, airfields, or sub-street infrastructures feel like childhood experiments with Tinkertoys and Lego bricks, or voyages into Richard Scarry's seemingly chaotic worlds. I’ve been exploring my awareness of these arrangements and my position within them, making associations with anatomy and physicality, and allowing myself the opportunity to revisit a youthful mindset that seems more and more fleeting. --Jamie Banes
Market Street Corridor

Jamie at jamiebanes dot com

Canessa Gallery Artist's Resource
708 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94111
A biological connection to Canessa space, "This Too Shall Pass."  Jamie Banes

Friday, November 12, 2010