Monday, May 31, 2004

APOD: 2004 May 28 - A Manhattan Sunset and July 12, more on Manhattanhenge…
Wacky Neighbor: Flaunt it, Baby!: Manhattenhenge as in Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with the street grid via kottke, today's remaindered…
Maryann Thompson Architects—friend of Canessa
National Geography Bee: 2004 Winners:
Winning question: Peshawar, a city in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, has had strategic importance for centuries because of its location near what historic pass?

Answer: Khyber Pass
Andrew Wojtanik, the 14-year-old winner created a 400 page study guide with the names of mountains and rivers, and notice National Geographic provides a smaller one as well.
20 illustrations, 10 maps. 128 pages. Softcover. 6'' x 9''. © 2001

For ages 9 to 12.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Capobianco Gallery, San Francisco Posted by Hello

Untitled Photograph No. 20.60.25 of Jeanne Tumpane's show closing this weekend. The placard describes amulets and talismans. There is a gallery of nine installation images of the exhibition mentioned earlier today in addition to this first post made with "hello." Posted by Hello
California Campers - Volkswagen Campers for rent from Los Angeles & San Francisco, California and camper vans and recreational vehicles for rent in California—don't ask why.
San Francisco Examiner: Last straw for art gallery and the web page for the gallery itself, while it lasts, is very instructive on what happens when art is sadly misunderstood. Consider how others might address the same theme quite casually and politically.
Portrait: portraits, portrait artist, portrait painting, custom oil portrait, portrait painter, custom portrait, oil portrait, portrait oil painting, oil portrait artist, oil paint portrait, painted portrait and they want your email address. Well, it's worth a peek. "Artists - Earn a $100k/yr. income." Let's see, there's also Thomas Kinkade as Kenneth Baker reviews him a while back or USA TODAY. Curiously, Hiddenbooke in Vallejo, if it's the same Hiddenbrooke Salon writes about two years ago, does not display the Kinkade name, but apparently the art criticisms endure, some related to the subdivision.
Artwork SF sends out cards of group shows they do. There are many concurrent shows in coffeehouses, and perhaps they accept artists, but there are over 100 as it is.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Chris Coolpix of the Day › Special Collections › Jeanne Maria Tumpane, Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, May, 2004, an exhibitioon of contemporary amulet necklaces closes this weekend. Parties 12-4 Saturday and Sunday, May 29, 30. See Canessa for more info.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004