Saturday, May 27, 2006

Recently in Jackson Square...

Honoring a gay pioneer's contribution to San Francisco: "He would nightly close the bar via a signature sing-along; a rowdy rendition of 'God Save Us Nelly Queens.' Sometimes Sarria would lead out the bar's patrons and drag entertainers to serenade gay people being held in jail."

The Black Cat lives...
SAN FRANCISCO / Castro block renamed to honor gay pioneer: and this...
Muisti|kirja: My Back Pages: San Francisco, 1988, the poetic haunts of the Black Cat in the mist

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Influences/Resonances: this is under the category of never name a restaurant a French swear word, but then you need a list if French does not come easily to you. Bug...
Amorphic Robot Works: Machines: Urge

Chico MacMurtrie's contribution to Yerba Buena Gardens is worth a visit with friends.
Inflate - Purchase Our Inflatable Structures [boing boing]: e.g. Office in a Bucket. The Black Cat once had an inflatable office created by the Ant Farm. In the morning, he'd turn on the fan and the office would appear. Inside, it was its own little world with an obscure view out the window of the back porch of the building where it was situated on Union Street.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Restaurant turnaround, big deal.

The best approach is under the radar. Unfortunately The Black Cat is not a foodie or even business savvy.

He wants to go in. He wants to be welcomed or at least not scowled at (in North America, anyway). He wants to see a clean, bright, airy, honest space and furnishings, and if any style, he'd pick modern. The Black Cat likes special seats, such as a window seat with a view. He likes pricing moderate to low, food great and staff prompt, especially when it comes time to present the check.

Distant memory of a start-up: Intersection coffee house run by AH of Coffee Cantata

A favorite: Rocky Point Lodge, Klamath Falls